World Miracle Church
           Arise & Reap Ministries Int.


                                        "  IT'S  SUPERNATURAL ! "



The path 


 of  ministry for John began at Calvary Pentecostal Camp in Ashland, Virginia. Rapid change and a new anointing came out of this season of enlargement, during

which he made several evangelistic trips to the nations alongside mentor Wallace Heflin, Jr. While he was a visiting at Calvary campground, John met his wife Vicky, who was already an accomplished evangelist to the nations.

John was in the Upper Room in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit spoke to him about his own ministry to the nations. John later received personal ministry from  Dr. Peter Gammons, one of the greatest missionaries in the world today.  Dr. Peter Gammons  prayed for the Fire of God to come upon him in a greater measure than ever before. It has... John received a supernatural dramatic call from God to " TAKE MY HEALING MESSAGE AND MY HEALING POWER TO THE WORLD."

In 1995 John and Vicky  founded Arise and Reap Ministries International, an evangelistic ministry that also features tent crusades. Mission outreaches have taken them to over 40 countries in the former USSR, Canada,China, Africa, South America, Central America, Europe ,Asia and the Caribbean Islands .

The focus of Arise and Reap Ministries is to preach a message of repentance, calling sinner and Christian to draw close to God. Just as sin drives a wedge between us and God, repentance restores us and brings us back into His presence. John and Vicky's message is a challenge to God's people to hear the voice of God with expectancy in their daily lives.

John's ministry is fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus to proclaim the Gospel to the nations. Tangible signs, wonders and miracles have followed the preaching of the word.