Arise & Reap Ministries Int.
Arise and Reap Ministries  Int. 
                                   " IT'S SUPERNATURAL ! "

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The Lord of the harvest                                     Form the mouths of my Prophets
The God of great zeal   
                                                                                 My words have been sent
He hath uttered His voice                                  For my people to fall                                       
He has made His appeal                                     On their face and repent
The call has gone forth                                        Don't you care or even
To speak His word                                                       understand
To millions abroad                                                That the blood of those 
Who have never heard                                          Sinners will be on your hands
Some have heard and will obey   
You refuse to listen
And not even pray                                                 Come my child put your
You sit by idle                                                         hands to the plow
Ignoring the lost                                                    I have need of many workers
Because you're unwilling                                      And I need then now                                            
To pay the high cost                                              The Lord of the harvest
                                                                                   Has spoken today
                                                                                        What is your answer ?
                                                                                        What will you say ?
Inspired by the Holy Spirit